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Services for Small Business

IME offers a wide range of small business professional services, from continuous improvement systems design and implementation to general consulting services. Your time is best devoted to your core business and we help you optimise your processes in order to achieve that. Contact us for a free consultation and let's see how we can speed up what you do, eliminate waste in your processes and become your continuous improvement consulting partner. We will assist you to retain your current customers and grow your client base by gaining new customers..

Services Offered:

Evaluation of your operations effectiveness. Do you have trouble getting your customers orders through your systems?

Turning data about your business into information that enables you to see where you are in the marketplace. Do you know how your services compare to those of your prime competition?

Speeding up your operations. Do you feel that your operations are too slow in order to meet your customers demands and do you have customers leave you for a competitor because you are too slow in delivering what your customers want?

Stabilizing your work force. Do you have trouble maintaining the staff you need in order to compete and be successful?